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Premier Kidney Hospital is a dedicated Renal Hospital caring for all aspects of renal diseases and pre- and post- renal transplant care. It focuses on holistic approach for managing renal problems in a soothing environment with spacious indoor facilities. It is a unique hospital and first of its kind in the private sector in the entire Gujarat, in terms of being entirely managed by a team of well qualified and experienced Nephrologists. The hospital itself is equipped with the latest technology machines and state of the art facilities.

The In-patient facilities include general wards, separate for male and female patients, semi-special and private rooms both AC and non-AC, and deluxe rooms.

Dialysis facilities include haemodialysis centre equipped with advanced technology machines, and facilities for acute and chronic peritoneal dialysis. There are separate facilities for Hep B +ve and HCV +ve patients.

Among the various dialysis modalities offered are bicarb haemodialysis, dextrose-bicarb haemodialysis, citrate haemodialysis, potassium free haemodialysis, SLED, online haemodiafiltration, CVVH. Other extracorporeal therapies include plasmapheresis and charcoal haemoperfusion.

The hospital is equipped with reverse osmosis water purification systems and mixed bed unit that generates a high quality water for haemodialysis.

Renal ICU is equipped with ARRT + haemodialysis machine and multipara monitors.

For renal check up, patients are seen daily in renal OPD.

For visitors there is a spacious waiting lounge with cable TV.

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